1st Tennessee Artifacts

4th Sgt. James Richard Hughes's Pistol

James R. Hughes was a member of Company D.  Hughes's pistol is a Colt Pocket Pistol Model 1849, Serial Number: 133781.  It was manufactured at Colt Manufacturing Company in Hartford, CT in 1857.  It has a five shot cylinder and fires .31 Caliber rounds.  The pistol still operates properly and could be fired after the installation of new nipples.  His initials, JRH, are etched in the wood on the bottom of the handle.

Currently at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN



Captain Matthew Barrow Pilcher's Frock Coat and Belt

Captain Pilcher was the quartermaster and payroll clerk for the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment, though he originally enlisted in Company B.  His frock coat, on the left, has light blue cuffs and collar.  There is light blue piping that runs the center of the jacket where the coat buttons.  It has two columns of Federal Eagle Officer Buttons, seven in each column.  The insignia on his collar is gold trim, with three rows (insignia for Captain) cut at different lengths so that they are tiered.  'Pilcher' is handwritten on the inside of the jacket visible just above the mannequin.  Matthew Pilcher's sword belt is pictured on the right.  It has a circular 'CS' belt buckle.  It also has a strap that runs from the back of the belt, goes over the shoulder, and connects to the other side. 

Both currently in the Museum in the Sam Davis Home



Henry Howe Cook's Slouch Hat

Henry H. Cook originally enlisted in Company D.  He later became an officer in the 44th TN and was wearing this hat when he was shot in the head at Stones River (the bullet hole is in the top of the hat).  It is a black slouch hat that once had a band around it.  There is still a bow on the side of the hat. 

Currently in the Museum at the Sam Davis Home


Private Sam Davis's Pocket Watch and Button

Sam Davis originally enlisted in Company I.  He was later transferred to Coleman's Scouts where he was captured and hanged.  On the left is the pocket watch he was carrying until his capture.  On the right is a button from his jacket.  It is a Federal Eagle button with a shield and the letter 'I' in the center of the shield.  The 'I' Signifying Infantry. 

Currently in the Museum at the Sam Davis Home



Sergeant Charles Miller's Spoon

Charles Miller enlisted in Company I as a Private and was eventually promoted to Sergeant.  Above is the spoon he carried throughout the war that he brought with him from home.  His mother wrote him several times reminding him not to lose and that he eventually needed to bring it back.

Currently in the Museum at the Sam Davis Home


Private Martin N. Brown's Enfield Rifle

Martin Brown was enlisted in Company A as a private and surrendered with the regiment in North Carolina in 1865.  The rifle above is an Enfield that came from his family.  It has 'MNB' scratched on both sides of the stock.  There are 5 tally marks at the bottom of the stock as well.  The lockplate has 1862 Tower stamped on it.

Currently part of the Lester Porter Collection



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